A TV Spot airing in the Philadelphia Media Market that unites local churches behind the message - "Discover 1-877-Our-Hope". Various local pastors and church members were featured in this commercial shot in nearly a dozen locations throughout the Tri-State area. Mission Media Inc produced this spot for the Christian Churches Association.

Pastors’ Invitation

Created circa 1999

Pastors’ Invitation

Clergy of the Greater Philadelphia Area unite to invite the Delaware Valley back to church.

Science of God
Recent discoveries reveal that too many variables in life have to jive perfectly to allow for life.TV_Science_of_God.html
Promo Bumper
10 Second spot used for comps and filler freebies that happened in the 90s.TV_Promo_Bumper.html
For a Reason
Lancaster pastors promote the prediction evidence for faith in Jesus Christ.TV_For_A_Reason.html

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Rich Man’s Tomb
Lancaster pastors reveal the fulfilled predictions demanding faith in Christ.TV_Rich_Mans_Tomb.html
The Churches Unite
Local churches unite to explain the Christian faith and promote the most powerful evidence for belief.TV_Churches_Unite.html